" maybe we are all spent souls 

Punching clocks.

Punching clocks to fix heart's latest mistake....

Givin out thi gs it cant afford

The lesson & the reward... All laid out on its best .


Decorative plate.

 Never lost a day trying to be good

Yet still left in the yard 

Still hungry in the woods..

Much like the queen of gentle agreements

Most laborious in nature..... Shredding muscles to keep the peace.

TO BE GREATER than last week

So you run .Faster . 

Branches are slapping you on the face 

Haven't seen a berry in weeks... So you stop at a creek

Only to see that queen you once missed on the cheek....

Was YOU.



" never hand off your trust in  fancy Jar 

To one who's motto is ' what happens in the bar 

Stays in the bar"  


I’m a cancerian queen 

a stark raving poet 

defender of this lawn , 

From Those trying to Mow it . 


Beverly has a lamp , works only the day !
She won't throw it away .... her lamp that lights up 
Solely mid day
For she has a heart of gold
But keeps it cold to guard her from  a lover ..Dressed under cover .
Poor. Friggin.Beverly 

~ eleanor price aka 
Chubby chubby bird bathing in the snow got a long way to go , little bro
Parts of me wished I lived there even though I never did .
Is it I,  ultimately, responsible  for this here ladybug 'high ?  ever so orange , helpless and ti-NY
Horizontal on the chopping block , the cutting board
that counter top 
The lino floor.
Flailing in a wading pool, a fading smile gone sour 
Wrapped tightly in a whirlwind, busting buildings by the hour .