Nanise is her middle name , which has now  become her first, last & stage name , as the soul sails , swims n soars .

  The Accordion plays lazy as she lays down some silly  , speedy &, sometimes slurred  yet heart felt lines . Story telling has found it's way in  as well as an off the cuff style of comedy . Being the one of the first poets to perform at the North Country Fair as a fill act , the next year she was Invited to return as a featured artist.  The ball got to rolling 2016 as the characterers formed , armed with many elements of surprise &  true stories to share.

 What started out as an early on accordion  fascination trickled oddly through time by joining Irish folk punk  favorites  "whiskey wagon "  . Couple wild years with them, she’d 
 met the guitar slingin '  " George Ireland" . Soon after some Immediate bonding , she was also finding a home with him &   "  the willy Nlilies" . Their first  Halloween show ,  a 3rd act was needed and the gang heard a poem &  asked  her to kick off the event.  She agreed , dressed as Courtney Love , and proceeded to read 'nanise' s journal . Now a year later she has taken part of the Internatonal Fringe festival  , Next fest, Sasquatch gathering , Victoria's Farmfest 2016, Hometown spots such as the Aviary, the empress ale house And more . As of late she’s collaborating  with local musicians &   emcee' ing events. 
Summer of 2017 Nanise single
 handedly wrote  / directed her first  Fringe Festival show  “ Flasked N’ Strapped “ which won over hearts &  zll reviews were glowing and encouraging.  

 2018  was exciting for Nanise who  invited to open for BC darlings " The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra" ,  emcee'd & performed  at Artswells & Astral Harvest . In the fall,  announced the release of her debut Book  "  Still  Strapped " ,  which ia now available to purchase in person, online &  selected small shops. 


‘ a glorious aggresive revelation' Geoff Berner


Stay tuned for much more action from the flask strapped  poet . For bookings, questions or comments please Get in contact via phone , email , Facebook or instagram!