Welcome, meet the Flask Strapped Poet

Please, do get cozy!  Perhaps pour yourself a  bourbon , a  Syrah , a peppermint  tea , or even cold chocolate milk as you peruse at your leisure.  This is the place that paints a piece of Nanise with an array of layers (double whiskey ganache layers !). Through wily poetry , story telling and small song , plus a firm grip on an old fashion,  an accordion, & flask strapped tightly,  She’s Keeping busy with pride parades  , festivals ,  poetry nights, house shows & an array of  venues around the city of Edmonton -plus debuts in Victoria & Vancouver!  
! It fills her  he
art to mix music,  comedy &  poetry all into one set that's never exactly the same .

One that leaves people smiling miles wide . laughing & feeling  overall lighter .

This eclectic poetry party has been transformed to a colourful book this fall of 2018 " Still Strapped -flask fuelled poetry by Nanise "  

 Enjoy your day into night , & the rest of this site and maybe sooner than later , we can be like Blondie and  “share the wine .... call me"


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